Plat Maps
Sunset Sands Community Association
(You will need Adobe Reader to view and print.  Go to to download if necessary.)      

Notes: Each Division is labeled as a separate page, but pages overlap and the cut-offs are not exact, so if you
print them all out you can piece them together for a complete map.

  • The road labeled "FUTURE COUNTY HIGHWAY" does not exist.
  • Original road names on map do not reflect current numbered names.
  • Block numbers are indicated by numbers in circles, lot numbers are located within each rectangular

Division No. 1 (3rd most northern Division)
  • The back road labeled Sunset Dr is current Crane Place.
  • Area marked "PARK" in lower left hand corner is the Clubhouse area.
  • A large portion of this Division is on the Division No. 4 map.

Division No. 2  (2nd most northern Division)
  • Sandy Court on map is current 212th Place.

Division No. 3 (northernmost Division)
  • Klipsan Road on map is current 227th.
  • Sandy Blvd on map (the main road down to the park) is current Birch Pl.

Division No. 4 (southernmost Division)
  • This map shows Division No. 4 as originally planned (in SW corner of map) - it is no longer a part of
    Sunset Sands.
  • This map overlaps quite a bit with the Division No. 1 map.
  • Area marked "PARK" on left, just under the "North" arrow, is the Clubhouse area.