To set up garbage service, contact:​

Peninsula Sanitation Service
     116 Howerton Way SE
     Post Office Box A
      Ilwaco, WA 98624
      (360) 642-2541

Part-timers/Campers can dispose of garbage at
Jack's Country Store in Ocean Park.  Rates are as
Grocery Bag                                           $1
Small Kitchen Bag (5-8 gallons)              $2
Tall Kitchen Bag (12-15 gallons)             $3
Garbage Bag (27-33 gallons)                   $5
Pacific County Services and Utilities
Sunset Sands Community Association

To set up Electric service, contact:​  

PUD #2
   9610 Sandridge Road
   Long Beach, WA  98631
   (360) 642-3191
Garbage Service
Electric Service

To set up water service. contact:​

    North Beach Water
    25902 Vernon Ave, #C
    Ocean Park, WA  98640
    (360) 665-6232​
Pacific County
RV Rules