Sunset Sands Community Association
The Association shall have three standing committees, an Architectural Committee, a Maintenance
Committee and a Landscaping Committee.  The chair of each of these committees shall be a Board
member, and the Board of Directors may appoint one or more additional Association members to serve
on each committee.  The Board of Directors may also establish and empower such other temporary or
permanent committees as the Board deems appropriate from time to time.

If you are interested in helping on any of these committee's, please contact the board member
listed under the committee you would be willing to help with.
Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee is generally
responsible for overseeing and supervising the
maintenance of all equipment and property of the
association.  Members of the Committee shall
inspect all property of the Association once a year to
ascertain its condition and to ensure that all items
are accounted for.  Any deficiencies or needed
replacements shall be brought to the attention of the
Board along with an estimated cost of replacement
or repair and a ranking of the relative importance of
all needed replacement or repair.
Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee shall generally be responsible
for enforcing the Covenants of the Association.  It shall The
Committee shall review all proposed building plans for the
Lots and approve the same in writing when they are in
compliance with the Covenants of the Association.  The
Committee shall periodically inspect the green belt for
violations and take appropriate action when violations are
discovered.  The Committee is also authorized to issue written
permits for temporary access through the green belt for
specific purposes such as placing of modular homes.  Each
temporary access permit must state the specific permitted
dates of access through the green belt and the purpose of the
access, and it must require the Owner to restore the green
belt to its natural condition following access.  Upon
restoration of the green belt to its natural condition, a
member of the Architectural Committee shall sign the permit
accepting the restorations.  The Architectural Committee
shall keep and maintain permanent files of all permits it
issues and denies.  In addition, the Architectural Committee
shall keep and maintain files on each Lot showing the nature
and extent of improvements on each Lot including whether
cleared; if water, electrical and/or septic systems have been
installed; whether a conventional structure, modular home,
single or double wide trailer or recreational vehicle has been
installed; and if there is a parking pad or any other
improvement on the Lot.

Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee shall be generally
responsible for supervising the maintenance and
upkeep of the park and other unimproved property of
the Association.  The Committee shall establish a
long range plan for improvements, including
estimated costs, to the Board of Directors.