Section 1.
The membership of the Association shall consist exclusively of “Owners” of lots in the
Sunset Sands Subdivision in Pacific County, Washington (“Sunset Sands”), but if the titleholder has
contracted to sell a lot to a person who is entitled to possession thereof then the term “Owner” shall
mean the contract purchaser during the period of said contract or any assignee of such purchaser’s
rights.  The term “Lots” refers to the lots in Sunset Sands and when used in relation to a particular
member, it refers to the Lot owned (or under contract to) that Owner.  An Owner may be a natural
person, partnership, association or other form of entity, but as to each Lot there shall be only one

Section 2. Membership shall be inseparably appurtenant to each Lot in Sunset Sands, and upon
transfer of ownership by deed, court decree, contract of sale, or otherwise, memberships shall be
automatically transferred with the Lot to the new Owner.

Section 3. No member of the Association shall have any right, title or interest in or to the whole or any
part of the property or assets of the Association, and no member shall be entitled to either the whole or
any part thereof in the event of the termination of his/her membership in the Association.

Section 4. Each Owner in good standing shall have one membership and one vote for each Lot owned.  
Unless the Board of Directors decides otherwise no certificates of membership need be issued.  A new
Owner shall become entitled to vote after establishing his/her ownership of or contract interest in a Lot
to the satisfaction of the Board.  The personal representative of a deceased member shall have all that
member’s rights, privileges and duties and responsibilities of membership in the Association.

Section 5. No member may withdraw from the Association except upon transfer of the Lot or Lots to
which his/her membership is appurtenant.  No compensation shall be paid by the Association upon the
transfer of membership and no member whose membership is transferred shall thereafter be entitled to
share or participate in any of the property, facilities or benefits provided by the Association except to
the extent of continued membership by reason of ownership of another Lot or Lots.

Section 6. The Board of Directors, or any two officers designated by it, may, in accordance with
procedures prescribed by the Board, exclude any member from the use or enjoyment of the facilities
and benefits of the Association for delinquency in payments required of members in, or for failure to
comply with, the Protective Covenants of Sunset Sands, the Articles of Association or By-Laws of this
Association, or with the rules and regulations established by the Board.

Section 7. Only members in good standing are allowed to use Sunset Sands Community Association
properties. The Park area, clubhouse, restroom facilities, trails and lake access. These facilities are for
our member’s exclusive use and are a privilege and not a right. Any violation of our governing
documents can forfeit a member’s privilege to our facilities, until such time the dues, fines and or
penalties are remedied. Any member entering the park must have their assigned key in their
possession. No keys can be loaned or given to a guest. Anyone using the park and facilities that are not
members are subject to criminal trespass. Renters that would like to use the park may only do so with
written permission of the owner. The owner will be held responsible for any damages or misuse of our
properties and or improper use of the owner’s key. Renters are not allowed to enter the Clubhouse on
their own. They must be accompanied by a member in good standing. Clubhouse rentals are handled
through our Sunset sands Community Association policy. No alcohol is allowed in the Clubhouse,
unless an alcohol binder from an insurance company is issued. No discharging of firearms or fireworks
is allowed in the park.

                                                        ARTICLE II
                                             MEETING OF THE MEMBERS
Section 1. Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the members of the Association shall be held on the third or fourth Saturday of
June of each year, if not a legal holiday, and if a legal holiday, on the next succeeding business day, at
one (1:00) o’clock P.M.  Such annual meeting will be held at the Community Building on Loomis Lake
within Sunset Sands, or at such other places as may be designated by the Board of Directors.  For the
convenience of the membership, the Board of Directors may designate a different date for the
convening of the annual meeting.  Special meetings of the members may be called by the President or
the Secretary or any two members of the Board of Directors, or members constituting twenty percent
(20%) of the membership at that time. The Election and term of office for the Board of Directors are from
June 30 – until the next annual membership meeting 2 years from their election date. Note: this is
different than the Fiscal year which starts January 1, through December 31.

Section 2. Notice of Meetings
Notice of meetings of the members of the Association stating the place, date and hour of the meeting,
and if it is a special meeting the purpose of the meeting, shall be transmitted by the Secretary to each
member at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the meeting.  The notice may be provided in any
tangible medium.  If mailed, the notice of the hearing shall be deemed to be delivered when deposited
in the United States mail addressed to the member at his/her address as it appears on the records of
the Association, with postage thereon prepaid.  If transmitted in other tangible medium, the notice
shall be deemed given when it is received by the member. Notice of meetings may also be posted on our
website to serve as our public notice. We provide a computer and free internet access in the Clubhouse.

Section 3. Quorum
Except as otherwise required by law, a quorum shall consist of five percent (5%) of the members
personally attending the meeting or represented by proxy.

Section 4. Waiver of Notice
Any member may, in writing, waive notice of a meeting before or after the meeting.  Such waiver is
equivalent to giving any and all required notice of that meeting to that member.

Section 5. Proxies
Any member may give a proxy to any other member.  Proxies must be in writing, dated and signed, but
need not be notarized, and must be received by the Secretary before or at the start of the meeting to be
effective at a meeting. Unless otherwise stated, a proxy shall expire eleven months after it is signed.
No member, including directors, may vote more than three (3) proxies.

Section 6. Conduct of Meetings
Members and others attending meetings shall, in all respects, conduct themselves in a calm and
respectful manner. As necessary, the President, or other officer presiding at the meeting, may establish
time limits for speakers and other rules to allow for the efficient, orderly and civil conduct of the
meeting.  In addition, the President, or other officer presiding at the meeting, may expel any member
or other person who is disrupting the meeting or is acting in an aggressive manner and may summon
the County Sheriff or other appropriate official to have that member or other person expelled from the

Section 7. Voting Requirements
(a) Except as specifically stated in the Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws of the Association or
required by applicable law, any matter coming to the members for a vote shall be decided by a majority
of the votes cast at the meeting in person or by proxy, provided a quorum is present.
(b) The following matters require the approval of 50% plus one of all of the members to be effective:
(i) A decision to dissolve or merge the Association;
(ii) Any capital assessment, as distinguished from an operating or maintenance assessment, in which
any Lot will be assessed more than $50.00 in any one calendar year;
(iii) Any transfer of all or substantially all of the property or assets of the Association; and
(iv) Any decision to sell any real property owned by the Association.

Section 8. Action Without a Meeting
Any decision which may be made by the members at a meeting may be made without a meeting if one
or more identical writings stating the action taken are signed by all of the members.

                                                     ARTICLE III
                                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Section 1. General Powers
Except as otherwise stated in the Articles of Association or By-Laws of the Association or required by
applicable law, the affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Board of Directors, which shall be
composed of seven (7) members. When there is not enough elected Board of Directors, the Board can
function with (5) members as an Interim Board until such time these additional positions can be filled.
The President would assume the role of Vice President, and the Treasurer would assume the
additional role of Secretary. Without, in any way, limiting the generality of the directly preceding
sentence, the Board of Directors shall have the full power and authority to do the following:

a. Appoint and remove, at its discretion, agents and contractors of the Association, to prescribe their
duties and fix their compensation.

b. Make such expenditures, consistent with applicable law, as the Board deems expedient, provided,
however, that the members of the Association, by resolution adopted by two-thirds vote at any meeting
of members, may restrict the amount of expenditures which can be made by the Board without prior
approval of the members.

c. Establish and maintain written plans for future projects and activities.  These may include an
estimate of cost and an approximate time frame.  These plans shall be presented to the membership at
the annual meeting.  The Board shall use these plans in budgeting for the Association.

d. Manage and conduct the affairs and business of the Association and generally do and perform, or
cause to be done and performed, any and every act which the Association may lawfully do and perform,
provided, however, that the Board of Directors shall not have power to borrow money on behalf of the
Association unless authorized by a majority vote of the members of the Association at a meeting of the
members called for that purpose.

e. Acquire by conveyance, gift, contract, lease or otherwise, property and rights in and/or to occupy
property for the common benefit of the Lots or the members of the Association; to improve said property
by erection of structures, utilities, facilities or otherwise; and to manage for such property, all upon
such terms and subject to such rules and regulations as the Board of Directors may determine.

f. Authorize the rental of the clubhouse facilities and park for social gatherings, dinners, picnics,
parties or similar functions.  The rental of the clubhouse facilities, park or any other facility of the
Association shall be accomplished by written agreement executed by a member of the Association
establishing the terms of that rental and under which the member agrees to accept responsibility for
full performance of the agreement.

g. File notices of liens and to foreclose upon those liens, as needed, for unpaid dues and assessments
and/or other sums owed to the Association by a member; provided, however, that the filing of a notice
of lien is for additional information only and the failure to do so in no way eliminates, limits, or
otherwise affects the Association’s lien on the Lots for the payment of dues, assessments and other
sums owed by the Owners to the Association.

h. Procure and maintain such forms of insurance as the Board of Directors deems appropriate.

i. Except as otherwise limited by the Articles of Association or these By-Laws, to exercise all powers,
rights and responsibilities customarily exercised by a corporate Board of Directors; provided, that the
Board of Directors may not make political or charitable contributions of corporate funds or property.

Section 2. Tenure, Qualification and Methods of Election
A Director must be an Owner in good standing.  The election of Directors shall be held at each annual
meeting of the members of the Association.  Each Director shall serve for two (2) years and until his/her
successor is elected and qualified.  Cumulative voting for Director is permitted. All nominees must be
present at our annual meeting to accept the nomination before the voting begins. In the event of
failure to hold an election of Directors at any annual members meeting, or in the event of failure to
hold any annual members meeting as provided for by these By-Laws, election of Directors may be held
at a special meeting of the members called for that purpose.  It is the responsibility of each Director to
attend all Board meetings, if unable to attend they may also participate by conference phone, webinar
or by other electronic device that allows board member to actively participate in a Board of Directors

Section 3. Vacancies
Except as otherwise established in these By-Laws or required by applicable law, vacancies in the Board
of Directors shall be filled by a vote of the majority of the remaining Directors of the Association, even if
less than a quorum, at a meeting of the Directors called for this purpose.  A Director elected to fill any
vacancy shall hold office for the unexpired term of his/her predecessor and until his/her successor is
elected and qualified.

Section 4. Regular Quarterly Meetings
A regular Quarterly Meeting of the Board of Directors, and membership shall be held on the third
Saturday of September, December, March, June, at 9:30 a.m., without other notice than by this By-Law
at the same place as the preceding annual meeting of the members, unless a different time and/or
location is established by action of the Board at the previous Board meeting. A quarterly membership
meeting maybe suspended when there are any safety concerns for our membership. The meeting
would then be rescheduled when these concerns are addressed.

Section 5. Special Meetings
Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by or at the request of the President or
Secretary or by any two Directors.  Notices of any special meeting of the Board of Directors shall be
given, at least one (1) day prior to the meeting, by written notice delivered personally or by facsimile or
by oral notice.  The purpose of the meeting need not be included in the notice.

Section 6. Quorum
A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any
meeting of the Board. A Board member may participate in any board meeting via electronic medium,
such as, conference calling, face-time, go to meeting etc., as long as they are recorded in the official
records. All Board members should be present at the annual membership meeting.

Section 7. Removal of Directors
At a special meeting of the members called for that purpose, the entire Board of Directors or any
individual Director may be removed from office by a majority vote of all of the members of the
Association.  If the entire Board or any one or more Directors is so removed, new Directors may be
elected by the members at the same meeting to serve for the unexpired term.

Section 8. Action Without a Meeting
Any decision which may be made by the Board of Directors at a meeting may be made without a
meeting if one or more identical writings stating the action taken are signed by all of the Directors.

Section 9. No Compensation
The Directors shall not receive any compensation for their work as Directors, but shall receive
reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses incurred in performing their duties for the Association.

                                                            ARTICLE IV
                                             OFFICERS AND OTHER OFFICIALS

Section 1. General
At the first meeting of the Board of Directors after each annual meeting of the members, the Board shall
elect the following officers: a president, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer, and if desired, an
assistant secretary and assistant treasurer, as well as the following other officials: a Director of
Maintenance, a Director of Development (architecture) a Director of Environmental Enhancement.  All
officers and officials must be Board Members.  No Director may simultaneously hold more than one
officer position, unless there is an Interim Board of Directors serving with only (5) members, then
Article III Section 1, applies.   Officers and officials of the Association so elected shall hold offices for a
term of two years (2), or until their successors are qualified.  Any officer or official may be removed,
with or without cause, by a majority vote of all of the Directors.  If an officer or official is absent from a
meeting, the president, or vice president if the president is not present, may appoint another board
member to fulfill that officer’s or official’s function until the next board meeting.

Section 2. Compensation
The officer and officials shall not receive any compensation for their work as officers or officials, but
shall receive reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses incurred in performing their duties for the

Section 3. President
The President shall:
 Preside at all Board and member meetings and exercise, under the discretion of the Board of
Directors, the general supervision of the affairs of the Association.
 Receive all equipment, records and information necessary to perform the duties of this office and
upon retirement from office turn over to the next president all such property, records and information.
 Conduct special studies of problems and/or perform other work and bring this information to the
Board for consideration.
 Monitor the work of all committees, render assistance if necessary and in the case of non-
performance, appoint replacement committee members.
 Monitor correction of deficiencies and problems.

Section 4. Vice President
The Vice President shall:
 Preside at meetings in the absence of the president, and in the event of the absence or disability of
the president perform all other duties of the president.
 Work with the secretary and treasurer to maintain and update records of the Association as to lot
ownership, improvements and liens; property inventory of the Association; maintenance records;
property rentals; and other records pertinent to continuity of the Association.

Section 5. Secretary
The Secretary shall:
 Issue notices of meetings.
 Keep the minutes of all member and Board meetings in an official book of minutes.  Any member
may at any time review these records, but said minute book must remain in the possession of the
secretary or an appointed pro-tem secretary.
 Maintain and update the records of the Association.
 Have charge of the other records and papers of the corporation.
 Attend to the correspondence of the Association.
 Take and retain all proxies.
 Prepare and disseminate our Spring and Fall Sunset Sands Newsletter.
 Oversee, Association website, post all meeting minutes on the website, through a contractor or by a

Section 6. Treasurer
The treasurer shall:
 Keep and maintain, or cause to be kept and maintained, adequate and correct records and accounts
of the property, assets and business transactions of the Association.  The member may at any time
review these records, but these records must remain in the possession of the treasurer or appointed pro-
tem treasurer.
 Keep safely all monies and securities of the Association and properly disburse the same under the
direction of the Board of Directors.
 Cause the funds of the Association to be deposited in a bank selected by the Directors.
 Complete, or cause to be completed, and present a full statement showing in detail the financial
condition of the Association at each annual meeting of the members and at any time directed by the
 Keep the corporate Seal.
 Advise the Board of Directors regarding insurance coverage of the Association.
 Take proper action to collect dues, assessments, fees and fines.  When such dues and assessments
are delinquent beyond January 31st of any year, the treasurer shall file a notice of lien in the records
of Pacific County, Washington and bring all such filings to the attention of the Board of Directors.
Fines not paid within 60 days of notice may also be filed on, in accordance with applicable laws.
 Maintain a record of all key-cards assigned to members along with a signed log to ensure that key-
cards are issued only to members in good standing.  If a card is not transferred to a new Owner or
returned to the Treasurer on transfer of a Lot, the Treasurer shall de-activate it.  When issuing key-
cards, the Treasurer will ascertain that Association records contain all correct information for the
 Sign all disbursement checks and ensure that the same is co-signed by the president or other
designated officer.  All disbursement checks must identify the purpose of the expenditure.

Section 7. Director of Maintenance
The Director of Maintenance shall:
 Chair the Maintenance Committee.
 Supervise the Association’s maintenance employee by assigning him/her appropriate duties and
responsibilities and monitoring the employee’s performance.
 Cause appropriate maintenance to be performed to preserve the equipment of the Association until it
is replaced and recommends replacement as appropriate to the Board of Directors.
 Obtain necessary permits to complete repairs or other work on Association property.
 Recode the access key-cards and locks and assist the treasurer in the distribution of new key-cards
and maintenance of Association records regarding the key-cards.

Section 8. Director of Development (Architecture)
The Director of Development (“Architecture”) shall:
 Chair the Architectural Committee
 Review site development plans submitted by members for compliance with the covenants of Sunset
 Answer questions pertaining to lot development in accordance with the Covenants and By-Laws of
Sunset Sands.
 Record Association permits approval and denial.
 Report development activity to the Board of Directors.

Section 9. Director of Environmental Enhancement
 The Director of Environmental Enhancement shall chair the Landscaping Committee.
 Coordinates maintenance for trails with regulator agencies
 Oversees environmental issues, like noxious weeds and Loomis Lake issues.
 Coordinate with Board and regulatory agencies for any danger tree removal issues

                                                    ARTICLE V

Section 1. General
The Association shall have three standing committees, an Architectural Committee, a Maintenance
Committee and a Landscaping Committee.  The chair of each of these committees shall be a Board
member, and the Board of Directors may appoint one or more additional Association members to serve
on each committee.  The Board of Directors may also establish and empower such other temporary or
permanent committees as the Board deems appropriate from time to time.

Section 2. Maintenance Committee
The Maintenance Committee is generally responsible for overseeing and supervising the maintenance
of all equipment and property of the association.  Members of the Committee shall inspect all property
of the Association once a year to ascertain its condition and to ensure that all items are accounted for.  
Any deficiencies or needed replacements shall be brought to the attention of the Board along with an
estimated cost of replacement or repair and a ranking of the relative importance of all needed
replacement or repair.

Section 3. Architectural Committee
The Architectural Committee shall generally be responsible for enforcing the Covenants of the
Association.  It shall coordinate with the Pacific County Planning Department.  The Committee shall
review all proposed building plans for the Lots and approve the same in writing when they are in
compliance with the Covenants of the Association.  The Committee shall periodically inspect the green
belt or other for violations and take appropriate action when violations are discovered.  The Committee
is also authorized to issue written permits for temporary access through the green belt for specific
purposes such as placing of modular homes.  Each temporary access permit must state the specific
permitted dates of access through the green belt and the purpose of the access, and it must require the
Owner to restore the green belt to its natural condition following access.  Upon restoration of the green
belt to its natural condition, a member of the Architectural Committee shall sign the permit accepting
the restorations.  The architectural committee shall keep and maintain permanent files of all permits it
issues and denies.  In addition, the Architectural Committee shall keep and maintain files on each Lot
showing the nature and extent of improvements on each Lot including whether cleared; if water,
electrical and/or septic systems have been installed; whether a conventional structure, modular
home, single or double wide trailer or recreational vehicle has been installed; and if there is a parking
pad or any other improvement on the Lot.

Section 4. Landscape Committee
The Landscape Committee shall be generally responsible for supervising the maintenance and upkeep
of the park and other unimproved property of the Association.  The Committee shall establish a long
range plan for improvements, including estimated costs, to the Board of Directors.

                                                         ARTICLE VI
                                                       FISCAL YEAR

The fiscal year of the Association shall be January 1st, through December 31st of each calendar

                                                     ARTICLE VII

The seal of the Association shall be circular in form and shall contain the words “Sunset Sands
Community Association”, “Corporate Seal” and “Washington 1970”.

                                                     ARTICLE VIII

Section 1. Budgeting
Not more than ninety (90) days prior to the annual meeting of members, the Board shall adopt a
proposed general budget for the next fiscal year of the Association as well as any proposed special or
capital budget.  Between 14 and 60 days prior to the annual meeting of members, a summary of the
proposed budget or budgets, as well as a statement of the dues and assessments that would result from
the proposed budget or budgets, shall be transmitted to each member.

Unless at the annual meeting of members a majority of all of the members of the Association reject a
budget and dues and assessments proposed by the Board, that budget and dues and assessments are
ratified by the members, even if a quorum is not present at the annual meeting.

The Board may also, at any time during the year, propose a new or amended budget and dues and
assessments. Within thirty (30) days after adopting any such proposed new or amended budget and
dues and assessments, the Board shall set a date for a meeting of the members to consider ratification.  
This meeting of the members may not be more than 60 or less than 14 days after transmitting a
summary of this new or amended budget and dues and assessments to each member.  Unless, at this
meeting, a majority of the members of the Association reject the new or amended budget and dues and
assessments, that budget and dues and assessments are ratified by the members, whether or not a
quorum is present.

In the event the Board fails to propose any budget and/or if any proposed budget is not ratified by the
members pursuant to the previous subsections of this section, then the last periodic budget and dues
and assessments shall continue until a new budget and dues and assessments are ratified pursuant to
this section.

Section 2. Dues and Assessments
All dues and assessments shall be established at a uniform rate against all members and Lots, except
that distinctions may be made in dues and assessments based on the number of Lots owned by a
member and whether a Lot or series of Lots is improved with a dwelling unit.

Section 3. Charges
The Board may also establish and collect charges against any member for special costs incurred by the
Association as a result of the actions or inactions of a member or any occupant or user of a Lot. These
Charges, fines and fees are outlined in the Associations fine polices and are adopted by the Board of
Directors at our annual membership meeting when there is a change in policy or a fee change.

Section 4. Payment of Dues, Assessments and Charges and Liens
Payment of dues, assessments and charges shall be due within 30 days after notice of the same and
shall thereafter bear interest at the rate of interest applicable to judgments in the State of Washington
until paid.  All dues, assessments and charges, together with all expenses, attorney’s fees, and costs of
the Association related to the same shall also constitute a lien against the Lot(s) owned by the
member.  This lien shall be enforceable by foreclosure proceedings in the manner provided by law for
foreclosure of real property mortgages in the State of Washington.  These liens of the Association shall
be superior to any and all other liens except liens of record prior to the date of assessment of the dues,
assessments or charges and except for general taxes.

                                                              ARTICLE IX
                                                     AMENDMENT OF BY-LAWS

These By-Laws may be amended, altered or repealed by a majority vote of the members, present in
person or represented by proxy, at any regular or special meeting of the members if notice of the
proposed alteration or amendment is contained in the notice of the meeting, provided, however, any
provision of these By-Laws which contain a higher member approval requirement may only be
amended if approved consistent with that higher requirement.

                                                            ARTICLE X

In the event of the dissolution of the Association, each member shall, for each Lot owned by him/her,
receive a pro-rata share of the assets of the Association after all its debts have been paid or others
properly provided for.

Amended By-Laws effective June 29, 2014 as approved by a majority vote of the Sunset Sands
Community Association at the Annual Meeting.

Jan Floeter-Taylor, President, Board of Directors
Sunset Sands Community Association

Tanya Hoffmann, Secretary, Board of Directors
Sunset Sands Community Association

Sharon Ann Bohan, Notary

                                                                                          Notary Seal
Sunset Sands Community Association